• stephann posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 6 months, 1 weeks ago

    Day 1 for me.I am so broke and broken from this addiction.I just feel hopeless that i will never stop this and im in this for the rest of my life pain and misery.Its not normal to blow ur entire paycheck every wk and then have no gas or coffee $ or $ to pay my bills.I recently had almost 30 days but sometimes when im driving its like the fkn devil gets in my head and says come on lets gamble- So here i am again this shit makes me feel DISABLED mentally emot and physically- How do i start over once again and what can i do differently????

    • I am in the same situation Stepann. I’ll do fine for a while then temptation creeps in. I guess the key is too resist temptation. It’s difficult because we always think that a win is coming. Then we end up broke and devastated. I have decided to remember how I feel now the next time that temptation to go comes creeping in again. I wish I can playback a video when I’m tempted. Good luck to you. One day at a time!

    • Hi Stephann….I know you’ve been trying to get some clean time for a while now. I’m going to suggest something that people might think is a little wacky but it’s worked for me so maybe it will work for you too. Create a mantra for yourself. My two favorites right now are “I’m living an amazing life because I did not gamble today” and “ Money flows easily and freely to me.” Repeat your mantra in your head many times throughout each day. It doesn’t matter if you believe the mantra or not and it makes no difference if there’s no outward evidence of it being true right now. Just take a deep breath and repeat the mantra over and over in your mind. Your thoughts create your reality so basically you’re rewiring your brain to think new thoughts in order to build a new life. Look for evidence of your mantra coming true as the days pass to affirm its validity and gain momentum in the new direction. Try it for a week and let me know if you see any changes. Hugs

    • I know the feeling. It’s very difficult and embarrassing after high spending gambling. It’s like the devil gets in your head and controls you. What’s helping me is trying to replace the gambling urge with a new hobby. Have you considered a new hobby to help take your mind off? Bowling, gym ? etc

    • Rach replied 6 months ago

      Today is my first day here. Know that you are not alone because what you just shared is exactly what I am going through as well! I blew my entire paycheck, 800.00. I’ve been on this path of destruction for quite some time and I am losing everything. My car is going to be repossessed because I took out a title loan, which I gambled and I haven’t made a payment. I am pretty much homeless. I am living on my friends couch. I have a full time job, but what good is that when you blow all of your earnings. I’m so depressed and I am just sick to my stomache. I can’t even afford to put gas in my car to get to work tomorrow. I want to change but I just don’t know where to start. We can support each other! God bless.