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    I believe the next one will be Sunday at 9 pm 18NOV2018

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    Well, hello everyone, I’m new here. Signed up a few days ago, but finally got the nerves to post my first message. I initially went to a casino 20 years ago, just for fun. I believe it finally hit me as an addiction 3 years ago when I started going every month. These past three years, I’d say I would spend on average 30 grand a year. I am in a…[Read more]

    • Glad you are reaching as most compulsive gamblers never do and sadly they end up the gates of insanity jail death or all three. Hope you will continue to post and maybe visit chat. I am usually in chat weekdays of and on between 10 am est and 3 pm est. And if you are interested I send out two daily email messages to start the day. If you would…[Read more]

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