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    I have an online gambling problem. I didn’t want to admit I did but I do. Today proved it to me, I denied things to my husband who was going through Stage 3 lung cancer treatment and while he was sick and not working I was gambling away all our money. Today we got a foreclosure notice from an attorney because I haven’t paid the mortgage in 7 months. I was to busy gambling away our money. My husband grew up in this house and I hav3 let him down during his worst time possible. Why did I do this to him? I have cut up all my debit cards and deleted the numbers from all sites but I destroyed my husband. I guess I need help

    • Hi Anjholl
      I too almost lost my home due to my illness but once I admitted why I wasn’t making my house payments to the bank and I was
      to work out a plan with the bank and get caught up. I explained to them that I was getting counseling and attending GA meetings.
      During my 16 years in recovery I never missed a payment and this past Spring I paid off my help. So suggest you meet with the lawyer and the bank and be honest and see if they are wiling to work with you.
      God Bless
      Ken L GRCG

    • hi anjholl.just wanted to say,i did the same things as you,ill husband,he had no idea ,i did loose our house.and much more.
      What ever you do DO NOT tell the bank you have a gambling addiction .
      In my case my husband was placed in a carehome,he never had a clue i did what i did.
      Hugs your going down a road ive been .if we meet in chat one day i will if you like give you my email.

    • Hi anjholl ,been where you were ,right down to the ill husband,missed mortgage payments.
      but i did loose our house.
      A word of warning ,in many and my case like ours,banks do not go so easy on gamblers.
      i would suggest you tell them anything ,but not that your a gambler.

    • I know how you feel I would go to the casino on Saturday when my husband would be working I felt so guilty I was there for hours but now I’m six weeks without gambling and he never knew I went to the casino

    • I am in the same boat. I have a major problem with gambling. I haven’t paid our mortgage and we received a foreclosure notice as well. I am still gambling and I feel terrible about it every day. I say I’m going to stop and I do for a few days and start again. I’m not a stupid person and I know it is ridiculous to put my family in this situation, but I feel like I can’t stop. I’m miserable and feel hopeless.