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    Pray to keep away from gambling go to ga meeting get a sponsor

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    Praying is not weird I pray everyday I pray to keep me from going to the casino the 1st step

    • It has been strange or weird for me as I have considered myself an atheist for over 20 years. Only had an issue with gambling for about 3. I mean I’ve gambled but the compulsive came on in the last 3 years. The need to just keep putting it back in for the need to gamble regardless. It’s so weird. Before. It would be wohoo won a tiny bit. Cash out…[Read more]

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    Thank you very much, my mother goes to the casino once every 4 months, but she just went with my cousin and she had to tell me all about what she won all the free games and I tried to tell her I’m not interested but she went on and on with the conversation thank you

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    Thank you for sharing that is what I have to do give it to God lately I wanted to go gamble I got money for Christmas but I know where it’s going to go right to the casino and then I’m going to feel like crap

    • I understand my fiance’ gave me 500 dollars for Christmas, I was proud of myself because only 100 of it went into the casino and the other 400, I went shopping with. I am so glad I have something to show for the money he gave me. I haven’t been to the casino in like a week going on two but that’s only because I don’t have any money to go. The…[Read more]

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    I know how you feel I would go to the casino on Saturday when my husband would be working I felt so guilty I was there for hours but now I’m six weeks without gambling and he never knew I went to the casino

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