God’s Grace

Story summary: Matt is also a recovering alcoholic and began gambling with his family. When he wasn’t gambling, Matt was always thinking about gambling and when he gambled he got a real high from the experience. As the gambling got worse he stole from the people he loved. Finally, after contemplating suicide, Matt told his Father and discussed everything together with his Mother. He went to see a priest who took him to a GA meeting. Matt hasn’t gambled since September 2009.

Ryan’s story

Story summary: For Ryan, gambling was a thrill and when he wasn’t gambling it was all he could think about. He was convinced that he could stay ahead by winning, but the longer he stayed at the casino the more money he lost. He tried to cut down on his visits, but eventually realised that he had to quit completely. Also, the excitement of gambling faded except when he won. Ryan hasn’t gambled since January 2016.