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    Day 5.I just got in from a ga mtg.It always seems when i get in my car to go somewhere thats when i think about gambling- I struggled in my head on my way to mtg this am to stop at a conveince store and get a scratch tix and skip the mtg but somehow i did not stop i went to my mtg.I always here something at these mtgs that i can relate to.If im going to continue to stay free from gamb i think i need a mtg every 2 days and thats goin to be hard but i do not need this pain that i receive from gamb any longer its costed me to much.This chat helps me as im able to write things out as i typically do not put a pen to paper.

    • Hey Stephann
      In my early days of recovery I use to keep a picture of my kids in the sun visor and when my addiction
      tried to talk me into going gambling ” Just for a little while” I would look at the picture and remind myself
      that if I continued to gamble I could lose my family.
      Keep up attending your meeting
      God Bless
      Ken L YBIR

      • Hi Ken.Thank you and that was a great suggestion.Anything to get my mind of gamb and whats most important.The struggle is real.Will be workin on Day 7 tomor.Thanks for being here for me and everyone else here.