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    Day 2.I had a nive stretch of time going 50+ days and blew it in an instant..I went to a Ga mtg last night.it is very hard for me to get over the $ ive lost.Because it is a fortume combined thru out my 35+ yrs of gamb- When i have a gamb relapse it is so hard to stop again.My body feelsike its craving a bet just like a drug addict does his nxt drug.My hardest days of gamb seem to be the weekend so i hope i make some days add up.

    • So I sit here on Friday lost/bored out of my mind cause all I want to do is gamble. Ive lost a fortune…i was doing good at 120 days this year but since April have lost another 70k bringing the tally to even higher millions. Worst part is I still want to gamble the little I have access to right now, and think of other money I have to move around to continue. Its a sickness that wont go away ! Reading what you wrote is my story. The love of it is real and so is the hate. Today is my day 1 again and I legit had to stop myself 3 times from going to gamble on something.

      • Hi FlavorMan
        I continue to try and stay away also.
        With the words of how much money you are able to generate. It sounds to me you like a challenge.
        I do also I keep that in mind while trying to stay away.
        I wish you strength in staying away.