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    Hi. My problem is buying scratch off tickets. I used to buy 2.00 ones now 20 or 30 dollar ones I got paid monthly taking care of my mom. So when I got stressed or boarded I would go buy..I paid my bills and got enough diapers but was broke by the middle of the month My husband keep his money desperate from me and we just split the bills. He hates…[Read more]

    • Debra I hear you. You have had experiences that have changed your cognition. I know you can start that job, and I know you can never buy another scratch off ticket. You have to be vigilant about not gambling and change your negative thoughts. People here recommend GA. They aren’t wrong! It makes you accountable to others to attend GA meetings. I…[Read more]

  • I am a gambler adick.I but scratch offs for the last 6 yrs I would buy to I was broke and never have any money left for the month. I hate myself have hurt myself and my husband is not supportive he just keep bring up all the money I puss away just fix it Debra he is not nice and makes it worse for me..he has his money desperate from me and we just…[Read more]

    • I believe each day we don’t gamble we are getting better and better. It requires strength to go through it but we can do it friend!

  • Just want help. Suicidal thought depression and marriage problems.no job no money.no self respect.

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