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    I can’t stop with online gambling. My husband is going through cancer treatment and our house is being foreclosed on. I cancelled my cards and deleted my online accounts. I have to figure out how to get 8k so I don’t loose my house on the 11th I’ve gone a week without gambling but the desire to gamble is so strong. I’m worth more dead then alive and have had thoughts of ending it so my husband and daughter can keep the house and not be in debt

    • I felt the same way several years ago ((( Anjholl ))) a knock on the family cottage door brought me back to reality and I called GA and found some counseling and slowly put my life back together. Also learned that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.If you keep having those thoughts reach out to someone for help. As the father of a son who took his life I know first hand the effect of a loved one leaving us that way can have on children and family. If you need to share please feel free to email me @
      ken.lambon@rogers.com and this is the link for help in the US https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/talk-to-someone-now/
      God Bless
      Ken L YBIR

      • I actually spoke the words out loud to my husband just a few minutes ago and he told me that he’d rather have me over everything else. I hate that I have the thought because death has always been my biggest fear ever so for me to feel this way is crazy and I know that. I just hate myself for what I’ve done.

    • There is hope ending your life will not solve their problems, just think of the pain you will leave them feeling and the psychological problems the both of them will endure due to your death. I don’t have all of the answers hell I don’t have any answers but I know that killing yourself is not the answer.

      • Thank you I’m trying really hard not to think/feel this way

        • I know I have felt that way many times. However; you have to be strong you will be fine, we will be fine it’s still a struggle for me too. My test will come on Friday and Saturday when I have nothing to do and the thoughts of the casino start creeping into my mind. I need strength to get me through this.

    • I feel you. I’m sorry. Please remember that asking for help is a sign of strength. Be strong. You will do your family more damage if you are not here. Get a sponsor. A friend. Someone who can lift you up. Hugs.

    • This much I know, the desire to not gamble will lessen as time goes on with the proper support. I dont see how you can do this without the help and support of others. G.A. a therapists and this forum will all help and I do all three and it is working. My last casino/slot experience was 11/10…its only been 6 weeks and I am turning everything around. The desire to gambles has decreased significantly. You need support and to share you feelings with others that are going thru and more importantly have been through what we are going through.

      • Thank you for those words. I’m really trying and having this forum and all of you talking me through this tough day helps.

        • You’re welcome. Just take one day at a time…don’t think or worry about tomorrow just live in the moment; that really does help.