• yolobud2017 posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 1 month ago

    I have tried to stop playing slot machines for over a year and a half. I can go for 2 weeks straight then lose $600 in one afternoon. I need some suggestions on how I can stop.

    • kenl replied 1 month ago

      Hi yolobud
      If I may suggest a few things I did back in 2002 when I finally hit my bottom and crashed.
      1 ) Ban myself from the casino 2 ) Started seeing a counselor 3) Started attending Gamblers Anonymous ( and after almost 18 years without a bet I still attend meetings. 4) Found a GA sponsor / mentor and 5 ) turned my control of money over to my partner and only
      carried a few dollars in my wallet to buy daily coffee. Hope you will visit our chatroom and if you are interested I sent out a couple of daily recovery focused messages to start the day. If you want to try them send me an email at ken.lambon@rogers.com