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    Day 5.Left for work this am put air in all my tires in my Jeep got a mile down the road my tire gors flat.I pulled into a empty parking lot called AAA and it took them over 2 hrs to long to get to me.The entire time i sat their all that went thru my head was i just want to go gamble now.However i did not.Some guy pulled into the parking lot seeing me broke down and offered to put a spare on my tire i didnt have one so he said i can take the spare i have in my Bmw and put it on ur truck so i said i dont think thats gonna be the right fit.He said im gonna swing back by and chk on u so i called my Dad and he come and sat with me while i waited.The man in the Bmw come circling back thru the parking lot but did not stick around.Im sure he was just a friendly man trying to help but i got really upset AAA took so long to get their and i had this guy who i didnt no coming and going.Finally AAA got their and towed my truck and i gor my tire fixed.Had i not blown all the $ i did last wk it would have had plenty of $ to cover it.I got behind in work today and had to cancel jobs but i made the day without gambling!! I hope i dont gamble tomor either!!