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    MAY 11 Reflection for the Day

    Now that I know I can no longer use false courage that is really bravado, I seek and pray for twenty-four-hour courage to change the things I can. Obviously, this isn’t the kind of courage that will make me a strong and brave person for life, able to handle any and all situations courageously. Rather, what I need is a persistent and intelligent courage, continuing each day into the next one – but doing today only what can be done today and avoiding all fear and worry with regard to the final result.

    What does courage mean to me today?

    Today I Pray
    May I tackle only those things I have a chance of changing. And change must start with me, a day at a time. May I know that acceptance often is a form of courage. I pray not for super-bravery, but just for persistence to meet what life brings to me without being overcome by it.

    Today I Will Remember
    Courage is meeting a day at a time.