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    March 29 Reflection for the Day

    Why do people gamble compulsively? Dr Robert Custer, a pioneer in the treatment of compulsive gambling, believed we have four basic human needs – affection, approval, recognition, and self-confidence. When these needs are not met, people feel inadequate and overwhelmed by life. Gambling may – for a time – appear to fill these needs. But whatever the cause, the principles and Fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous have proved effective in helping thousands overcome the compulsion to gamble.

    Am I grateful for the insights and fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous?

    Today I Pray
    May God expand my understanding of the illness of compulsive gambling through life stories shared in the safe harbor of the GA meeting. There, we learn the true meaning of “winning” – over the addiction to gambling and all its life-affecting negative effects. May God continue to show me the positives that can be mine through working the program honestly and wholeheartedly.

    Today I Will Remember
    The Program has the answers.