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    FEBRUARY 12 Reflection for the Day

    I am grateful for my friends in the Gamblers Anonymous Program. Right now I am aware of the blessings of friendship – the blessings of meeting, of sharing, of smiling, of listening, and of being available when needed. Right now I know that if I want a friend, I must be a friend.

    Will I vow, this day, to be a better friend to more people? Will I strive, this day – in my thoughts, words, and actions – to disclose the kind of friend I am?

    Today I Pray
    May I restore in kind to GA’s Fellowship the friendship I have so hungrily taken from it. After years of glossing my lonely existence with superficial acquaintanceships, may I learn again the reciprocal joys of caring and sharing.

    Today I Will Remember
    Be a friend.