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    Just wanted to share this message I read this morning in reference to 12 Step
    programs ” God of our understanding.
    When I suggest to folks struggling with our illness to try attending GA I often here No thanks too religious for me, I use to say that when I first went to GA to get my family and my boss off my back due to my gambling. But in reality for me it was just an excuse not to go.This morning’s Hazelden Thought for the Day Explains what ” God of Our Understanding ” refers to in 12 Step Programs. Hope that anyone considering attending GA can understand that GA isn’t a religious but it is a spiritual program.
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    January 30th Hazelden Thought for the Day

    Religious Freedom

    “…a Power greater than ourselves….” “God as we understood Him.” These words introduce spirituality in the Twelve Steps. They are the first two references to God, and they are worded that way for a reason.

    We each have the freedom to define, and understand, our Higher Power – God – as we choose.

    That means we do not bring our religious affiliation into our recovery groups. It means that we do not try to impose our religious beliefs, or our understanding of God, on anyone else. We do not use our groups or meetings as a soapbox to gain religious converts. We do not try to force the particulars of our religious beliefs on others.

    We give each person, the right to a personal understanding of a Higher Power and ourselves.

    Today, I will respect other people’s understanding of God, as well as my own. I will not allow others’ judgment of my beliefs to cause me anxiety and distress. I will seek to grow spiritually in recovery, with or without the assistance of a particular religion or denomination.

    From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©1990, Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved