• kc1983 posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Good evening to all of you. I realized years ago that gambling had become an addiction. I always managed to “get by” somehow but this year has been my demise. I started to go to the casino a lot more as I tend to relate it to the stresses in my life. However, it is a blatant addiction. I go and spend everything then I sit and feel complete disgust. It is significantly effecting my life. I think all the time “is this what a drug addict feels like?” It’s also something that I feel ashamed about… this group seemed like the best way to talk to someone who would understand my addiction without looking at me like I’m completely crazy for not having the common sense to NOT shove my hard earned money into a slot machine. Im not even sure where to start to stop gambling. If anyone has any advice I am open to it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • I am in exact same position… Have been gambling and in denied for years that it’s no big deal until last weekend, I went on 72 hrs binged and lost $5k trying to proof if Max bet is the way to make money playing slots! What a stupid idea… You just lost more and quickly! No matter how much I won, I will put it back into the machine anyway so at the end I will always be a loser! There is no GA near where I live and I am too ashamed to speak with anyone face to face so this chat room might be a great way for me to share and learn from others. Good luck to your journey… I haven’t place a bet for 5 days now and trying one day at a time 😊

      • Same thing with me. I could win or even hit a small jackpot after only putting in $40-$100 and I would just keep playing upping my bet to the max bet. I’d lose it all and just try to figure out why I couldn’t stop when I was ahead. So today is Day 1 for me. I am completely behind on everything and stressed out beyond belief but I have to start somewhere. Congratulations on your 5 days of commitment and self control! And you are right, just take it one day at a time.

        • I told one person I could trust most. They were without judgement. I couldn’t do face to face meetings either. I suggest getting rid of your cc card and debit cards or any access to cash or if you gamble online block those sites. Go shopping instead. Go one day. Reward yourself with something else that you like. Same as day 2 and so forth. After a week something bigger. Try meditation if you like that. A drive. Go somewhere where you can people watch. Everything I do now I take longer to do it. Instead of rushing to get it done so I can gamble. It’s more relaxing. Those are my tips. I find that there are other things that you do like to do. You can afford them. Just take the money you were going to gamble with and do that. Think about this $5k that is a trip to Hawaii a really good one. You can afford these things. Try reading the easy way to stop gambling by Allen Carr. While it may not cure you it is an interesting read. Plus read it instead of gambling.