• jupe posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 8 months ago

    Hello everybody! Last autumn I had more money than I´ve used to. So I played with higher amounts. Everything was under a control… I thought. I was betting and winning couple hundreds here and there. But what I didn´t know was that back then I was quite lucky. Surprisingly many times I had been losing like 300-500 euros in one evening but with the last few bets I got even – or even profit. At the best I had 2200euros profit. But on December my luck turned (in an average level where house more often wins) and I didn´t come back after those losses. The biggest loss in 2-3 hours was 1300 euros. But because of my lucky autumn my total year loss was “just” 1600 euros. So I decided to quit for ever. Not a big deal. Just a 5e per day for a year. This year was ok until today. I hadn´t really even thought of playing, but I got one email from a new casino and made a small deposit (20e). And after that another. And another. Ending up losing 700 euros. Now I know I got a problem. This is my first confession. Thank you for reading this. And thanks for sharing your story as well!

    • tony replied 8 months ago

      I don’t see this as a confession. I see this as a person who sees a potential for a more serious problem and is seeking help. You’ve done a good thing. Now I hope you follow through and remain abstinent and seek long term remission and recovery. Look to GA, a counselor whatever it takes before gambling completely takes over your life.

      • jupe replied 8 months ago

        Thanks Tony. 🙂 I woke up to this day relieved after my so called confession or admitting that I have a problem. Hope that you are doing well also.