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    It’s been hard these last few days for whatever reason. I want to gamble badly but I know it will result in total defeat and disappointment. I have about 60 days clean time. I know I can keep it going. It’s been tough and I am sure you all feel it too. And it’s so goofy. I still hold out hope though that I will gamble again someday. Perhaps when and if I’m ever alone again (single). I hate this addiction. I know if I go I’d be unable to stop. I’d sit there until my money is gone.

    • Jerme congratulations on your days away.
      You mention you still keep hope you will gamble some day. I think many do that are trying too stop. But you put it into words. That’s what I like about this site. Some really good posts that verbalize thoughts and feeling a person goes through stopping gambling. For myself it’s given me a stronger way too fight this addiction.

    • Congrats on your 60 days. I know it ain’t easy. Take it a min at a time. Keep pushing forward.