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    Took $ from the kids piggy banks cause wife canceled my debit card, drove 2 hrs to the casino, flopped a set of 10’s and got beat by a straight to bust out in 6th place and top 4 got paid. Didnt have $ to get home so i was stranded until a buddy brought me gas money, wife is making me pack my bags until i can be trusted again. Wtf am i doing? Despite all these signs saying its time to give it up i still just want my laptop back so i can play in the 5K gauranteed that is in late registration right now. But instead im typing this message on this piece of sh!t flip phone cause i got my smartphone taken away too. Fml i feel like one of those high school kids ranting some sob story on facebook right now so i apologize but this is real world grown up serious stuff and i cant get my shit together