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    Took $ from the kids piggy banks cause wife canceled my debit card, drove 2 hrs to the casino, flopped a set of 10’s and got beat by a straight to bust out in 6th place and top 4 got paid. Didnt have $ to get home so i was stranded until a buddy brought me gas money, wife is making me pack my bags until i can be trusted again. Wtf am i doing?…[Read more]

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    My wife finally found the trick to beating the monster, she took away every resource i had to online poker. She took my laptop, got rid of our wi-fi, canceled my debit card, and finally took my smartphone so im typing this from an old school flip phone that honestly im shocked even has internet access. Cant get apps though so no poker. Her and…[Read more]

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    online poker is the devil. It has destroyed the last year and a half of my life. Severed relationships, cost me valuable time with my daughters, and finally it all came to a head when I got fired from work last Monday because I overslept after staying up until 4 in the morning giving more money to the evil individuals fixing the cards behind…[Read more]

    • You will get there! I used to play poker online as well and I believe its rigged too. When I quit I realized how much of my TIME it was taking. When we begin recovery we need healthy ways to fill that time. I encourage you to come here to post or chat often! There’s some good people here who helped show me some tools to help overcome gambling addiction.

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