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    First time here. I am ashamed of myself for the money I have wasted on the stupid slots. Have no money, husband is disappointed with me. I am disgusted and done. I am impulsive in all areas of my life and need to learn how to control myself.

    • Hi Amy
      Glad you are reaching out.
      Good Evening
      My name is Ken L and I am a member / moderator at Gamtalk and have been in recovery for just over 15 years.Glad you are reaching out for support. Hope you will visit our chat rooms and that you will seek counseling and find a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Also if you are free on Monday’s at 9 pm est we have a session moderated by a gambling outreach counselor.And if you are interested I send out two daily recovery messages which I believe help to us to focus on recovery to start the day. If you want to try them please email me at ken.lambon@rogers.com and I will add you to the group. And I will also send you a few messages / info that may help you as you go forward in your recovery.

    • Hi Amy,
      I have the same issue, slots are killing me. I thought I could control myself, but no, I keep doing the same stupid thing. I keep thinking I can win back some of my loses. Sometimes I do, but then I lose what I won back and then even more. I need help to get out of this trap. If I get through today, it will be 3 days in a row that I have avoided the casino.