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    I’ve suffered enough ! 15 years I’ve let this gambling addiction take control of me and my life and it’s time to take the control back ! No time and energy will be wasted on looking back but on moving forward. I’d rather drive to therapy and GA than to gambling establishments…..

    • I’m all for that.

    • Such a great way to take charge! I love that you see the value in driving to GA and therapy vs. the casino’s. Continue to move forward with a positive attitude and don’t look back. We are here for you if you need to talk or even if you just want to vent. No judgement here just love and support.

      • Thank you for the encouragement Barbarat 😊 It’s going to be a long journey but looking at it as a challenge. I learned from this group that it’s not only about stopping gambling but making positive changes in my life… one step at a time. I love the warmth in this group ♥️