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    Weekends didn’t go to planned gambled most of what I had left of my pay check and then I convinced myself to self exclude all the other sites I gamble on I already self excluded but the one I mainly gamble on I didn’t due to my rewards and promotions I get put in a 100 then lost it then another and another then won it all back then slowly chipped it away during the rest of the weekend , was sitting there at my friends just sitting in There in corner gambling till I lost it all. I feel like the self exclusion now is gonna help telling myself why waste my money to gamble and gamble on sites that don’t give me the perks of other due to my high account level. Probably me using it to cope but whatever works right I just hope I can make it without going to another site and just keeping it off my mind to forget it’s been about a year since I really started heavily gambling and I’ve just slowly watched it get worst sitting goals for my self on markers to how much money I was save so maybe I could go on a trip to get away just get away from my everyday life. Something I saw the really helped me is a scripture from the bible that really relates to gambling due to the greed of trying to win more money is Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” Luke12:15