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    JUNE 7 Reflection for the Day

    Few of us are entirely free from a sense of guilt. We may feel guilty for things we’ve said or done – of things we’ve left unsaid or undone. We’re so used to that gnawing guilt that even when we’re accused falsely we still feel guilty. When I’m troubled by naggings of guilt, obviously I can’t put into my day all the energy I’m capable of. So I must rid myself of guilt – not by pushing it aside or ignoring it, but by identifying it and correcting the cause.

    Have I finally begun to learn to “Keep It Simple?”

    Today I Pray
    Since guilt is such a familiar feeling for a compulsive gambler, may I learn to understand when my feelings are simply natural regret at what has happened and when I am taking on a pose of perpetual guilt. I count on God to help me sort out and get rid of these twinges and pangs of guilt, which need to be recognized and unloaded.

    Today I Will Remember
    The verdict of guilty is not for life.