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    It all started out as entertainment. I won a little bit of money. Came back for more. I lost more than I won. So I wanted to win it back. Lost some more. Keep chasing losses. Now I’ve lost more than just money. My life has hit rock bottom. Troubles with work, and family. Keep thinking even if I don’t win back all I’ve lost, I’d win just a portion of it. Of course it never happened. I’ve signed my self up to exclude from casino yesterday. I’m seeking help from counselor in my area. It’s gonna be hard, but I believe I can do this. I can win my life back.

    • Hi Andy T, Don’t try to ‘win’ your life back, take back control of it. Hard though it may seem you have to accept the losses, draw a line underneath them, I managed this with a six figure loss, it took some time to accept that loss 100% but now I see it as the cost of my entertainment. Once you change your mind set towards gambling things do get easier. Here in the UK Tombola have a TV ad running boasting ‘A winner every 20 seconds’ my auto response to that now is, yes but how many losers every second? I had one to one counselling, it helped a lot.

      • Hi mozzie, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. I’m taking baby steps and working things out with my wife right now. I know I’m very lucky to have a supportive family to stay by my side at this very hard time. I’m taking back control of my life. I can and I will.

    • Talking among people that went through exactly what you’ve been through.It really has help me and wife is their as well thank god

    • Hi Peter, thank you for your response, isnt there a zoom on this website? Where can I find the schedule and link? Thanks.