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    Hi all, I told myself I’d stop gambling last week and hadn’t for a few days. Then today and yesterday I slipped and spent another 1k. How does money lose its value so easily when we’re behind the screen or at the casino? It’s gut wrenching. I meant to download the app that helps last week and forgot..can someone pls remind me what it’s called? I feel like I’ve been lying, so much of my adult life I’ve had this addiction, it’s left a big hole of loss within. I’ve maxed out my cc now with ONLY gambling after paying it off fully 2 months ago… what am I doing? Why gambling?

    • Hi Willow. My heart is thesame. I have been so out of control and my mind is driving me carzy these days. It doesnt really matter when you are winning on the games, you still want to play. It happened to me last night. Which I am going out of my mind now. I can’t seem to grasp around it. I would’ve paid a lot of people from the wins, but still ended playing all of it, i am so hopeless now. I am sick. 😭

      • I can relate to that sick feeling. It’s an awful pit in your stomach, almost a contracting of muscles from feeling depleted and in angst from the loss, and also feeling so wired. It’s so interesting to watch how we continue to play and go back..but all of these expereinces Linglang, even the pain we’re feeling, is here to teach us something, I believe. We’ve felt how shitty it can feel to lose the money so perhaps some momentum on the other side..the side without gambling and more saving and paying off expenses, & we’ll eventually be okay? I have hope for us Linglang. If we can make money to play, we can make money to save. So the money will come!

        • Thank you Willoow. I am trying not to loose hope as I am at my worst of worst. I cant seem to see the light at the end of the troad

    • I think the one I see most recommended is Gamban…. take care .. Lindy

    • Money has no value or meaning when you are gambling

    • It’s fascinated myself also how money can , does in my mind lose its value. And when I shop at the grocery store the groceries still seem expensive and I’m careful about what I spend.
      I had to resort to self exclusion to be able to stop. When I first decided I wanted to stop gambling. I came to realize there was t anything else that would keep me away.
      I didn’t know about vet blockers like Gamban at the time. To me the bet blocker is better than self exclusion because it stops a person from going somewhere else if it’s online. I also self excluded myself from all casino’s where I lived. I did get permission to go back after I think for sure it was two years. So I got the permission to go back that’s was at least a couple of years ago but I didn’t go back. I did that do if a concert was playing at the I could attend.
      Now after some years of trying to stop it is much easier I find. There is still thoughts that run through my mind but they don’t last long.
      As Ken mentioned the other day it’s one day at a time and that’s true but I do find myself thinking ahead. Really wanting to know 5 years from now did I stay away. I sure hope so. I need a Time Machine 🙂

      • Thank you so much for sharing your story Serenity, your strength is encouraging and inspiring. I completely agree that self exclusion is the best. I started playing on an online casino at the beginning of this year after excluding myself from the provincial online casino last year. Then last month i tried self excluding and couldn’t find a way any where on the account. I contacted the customer service and they responded until i asked to exclude myeslf or disable the account, then they stopped responding. Anyways, it’s just boggles my mind how much money i’ve spent this year on gambling…when that money could go towards a home or investing in my family or myself. It feels like little pieces of me are being broken off each time lose 300, 600, 1000 dollars. I’m downloading the app now to stay off after playing again today. 🙁 Hopefully this is the first day of never again. Wish me luck!

        Also Serenity, I love that you are able to look ahead and see a bright future, I think being able to envision a different “you” is huge! thank you for supporting so much in this community too, I see you and appreciate you.

        • Hi Willow I am wishing you luck! I’m happily you decided to put Gamban on your device.
          Stopping is definitely a process. It my hopes you can breathe a sigh of relief after you figure out what you need to do to make Gamban work. There are instructions on line if you need them.
          I appreciated reading your message. Also thank you for your kind words! ❤️