• jenks27 posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    i have never felt as low as i am at the moment i wanted my life to end last night as can not face how much debt i am in right now

    • I just responded to someone else that feel the same way, its times where I have went into the casino and lost my entire paycheck and felt like crap. I joined this group because I’m tired of using money to gamble that I can be putting somewhere else. I have a wonderful fiancĂ© who has done a lot of work to our house and need my help and I put all the money that I can be helping him with in a slot machine. We have to stick together and pray our way through this we can stop we just have to find a way to lean on each other.

      • smileyp ,great to hear a comment ,i feel that when i am not alone feeling bad to others ,suicidal,low and no self esteem that there is nobody else going threw hell with this ,but there is your right we must combine our problems and beat it.i have joined this group for this reason and lets hope our strength will beat this addiction and be that person we all now that we can be inside

        • You are absolutely right…..we have to be strong. It’s funny it’s New Year Eve and I’m in the house waiting for 9pm to come so I can enter the chat room. I am serious about this recovery thing and I know it’s going to be difficult. I’m broke now so it’s not much of a struggle, it’s when I get paid on Friday that is the problem. I really get the urge to gamble when I get paid. Pray for me.

    • just remember you could do alot more with your paycheck then putting it in to gambling, stay strong smileyp ,why not try to save the money you get, and if you have heard all these people who join this group do not have a happy time when gambling so many sad stories are posted we have to be among the people who have turned their life around!