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    I have Ben non stop gambling and I need advice on how to stop
    It’s Been recently out of control – I loose and keep playing / chasing and I dug such a deep hole for myself
    Please if anyone can help / I would love any support I can get
    Thank you

    • Hi Jimi
      Sorry to hear of your struggles. For myself I had to self exclude myself to stop. I just couldn’t stay away. That was years ago I did go back once the self exclusion ran out. Second round I still lost money what I found though self exclusion gave me time to think things over and help break the huge control gambling had over me.
      My experience a person can’t place the first bet I don’t know maybe that that so much money was lost in the past it just drives us to keep going to maybe get some of it back. But usually a person just loses more.
      I had to come to terms with the loses and move forward. If it’s online gambling Gamban is a really good blocker.
      Wishing you well!

    • Thanks man
      Yes it’s online – multiple casinos
      I did and was on self exclusion list but I had to go back on to get win loss statement Because the irs has me wining a lot which is not true because I lost a lot
      So a month ago I took myself of the List to get my win loss statements which is the worst thing I could of done Because since then I played everyday and lost more then you can imagine
      I have a great job and make really great money and just keep on loosing and I can’t stop and I am sick over it – addiction runs in my family as well so I really am struggling and I need to find a way to stop
      Thank you for reaching out and responding to me message – any advice that is offed to me I will listen and take becuse I am at rock bottom and need to pick myself up and and start a new way of living life – I work to hard for my money and I am so angry all I lost and yes I keep chasing a jackpot to get some of it back but I know I am only going to loose but yet I still try and play – I’m just so lost right now and really don’t know what to do anyone – it’s actually sad how bad things get for for us as gamblers

      • Jimi
        Lindy also gave you good advice. Congratulations on having a good job. I truly know how you feel and it’s a feeling of sickness that races right through a person’s body. You deserve better as well as every one else here. I honestly for you can wait till you can spend your money on things that you deserve for working hard. It takes sometime to get out of the trap of gambling. You can do it. Just don’t place that first bet cause that’s a race to a finish line that you can’t reach ❤️

    • Hi Jimi…. Serenity’s advice stands…. exclude yourself again as many places as you play… That’s not likely going to take the desire away… so I would suggest some support… If you’re up for it Gambler’s anonymous…. if not some friend or family member to let out your issue…. someone you trust. Then I might suggest finding something to do with your time that you used to spend gambling… for me and as a matter of fact Serenity, we do painting; but that’s not for everyone so try and find something…. renovations, golf, volunteering…. ‘something’… In any case just some thoughts… Lindy