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    Time is my enemy, I have to occupy my time while I’m waiting for my paycheck to come in, that’s what’s getting me thinking of going back and winning my money back, so i can pay my bills faster, but i know it’ll have the opposite effect so I have to find ways of making my time waiting enjoyable.

    • One thing I do when I have time is getting my makeup done before work so I get dolled up for work to make myself feel good and I enjoy the compliments, that’s one way I make my daily living enjoyable, makeup. Makeup is my hobby. Look good feel good therapy.

      • That’s one way I battle the urges to gamble.

        • If makeup is your thing that’s awesome. Looking good is feeling good. It’s best to stay in the moment as much as possible.
          Today I made an amoretto peach cheesecake it turned out really well. Tomorrow I plan to start exercising again. I’ll see how that goes. I’m due to get back into shape.
          Keep doing positive things Jenny you are doing really well staying away. Good for you!