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    Wireless communication devices for Wireless LORA Concentrator
    Item No.:DG-CC02
    MOQ:1 pc
    The wireless LORA concentrator&collector is capable of real-time 2-way communication between the meters and the data center. With its downlink to communicate with the built-in LORA module in the meters , and with its uplink to communicate with the data center via GPRS. It is suitable for the areas where installing wires is very difficult and costly.
    Wireless LORA Technology
    (1)Long transmission distance, up to 4km transmission distance on the open ground;
    (2)Strong anti-interference ability;
    (3)One concentrator is enough for a building with 33 floors;
    Reliable GPRS Communication(with SIM from China Mobile)
    (1)Strong signal;
    (2)Lower power consumption.
    Large Load Capacity:support up to 1000 meters

    Three Power Supply Options
    (1)AC powered
    (3)Battery powered
    Operating Principle
    (1)The 470MHz module stays the receiving status to receive the data and reading transmitted from the meters regularly;
    (2)Internal record the meter ID, support up to 1000 meters;
    (3)Configure each meter ID, please confirm;
    (4)The meters under the same concentrator transmit data one by one according to the order of its last number;
    (5)With built-in data logger: support up to 1000 meters, record up to 4 historical data each meter, loop record;
    (6)Before install the concentrator at site, please configure all necessary parameters properly, include IMEI, IP address, port number , and calibrate clock.Wireless Communication System suppliers