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    We have 8 years garden shed experience.Compare with other garden shed,our garden shed is easily to assemble,save package and low maintenance.
    Size in cm
    (approx)Size in feet
    (approx)ThicknessColorPackageSupply Ability
    305x183x19110x6x6.30.256mmCream/Green/Grey A:176×94.5 x 6.5cm
    B: 205x24x 6.5cm800 per month
    Function and feature:
    1. Material:
    Galvanized Color Sheet = 0.25/0.3mm thickness , Galvanized Frame = 0.5mm thickness 2 Front Hinge Door/Slide Door Large & 4 Ventilation Full Washers and Screw Cap included
    2. Specifications:
    Two Gutters included for water collection
    Stronger Wall Corner for Better Durability
    Thicker Door and Door Frame for smooth sliding
    Extra strong Roof Supporting for Hard Weather
    3. Warranty: 10-year Anti-rusting
    4. Options: 175cm Wall Height for Option.Metal Foundation,Anchors,Stagings, Tool Hook
    5. Color : Green, Grey, Cream
    Package & Delivery:
    Factory View:China Apex Metal Shed suppliers