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    I haven’t been on here much lately. My mind has been so preoccupied with getting my husband placed in LTC… all the financial issues etc etc. When I was stressed before I used to play games online and it helped forget all the stresses with my husband’s condition of Alzheimer’s I can’t do that now of course. Not only do I not have funds to do it… but it would be back-tracking and I know I’d get in more debt all over again. When those on here talk about the devastating addiction of gambling it is so accurate because it’s as though part of me still wants to do it… sad to say that… So it’s something I guess we fight the rest of our life…. Diane

    • oops Lindy’s real name is Diane …. tried to edit but couldn’t figure out how….

    • Thanks for sharing Lindy
      Will keep you in my thoughts that you get things sorted out.
      And all one can do is not place a bet ODAAT cause it won’t
      change a thing. Will only make matters worst.
      God Bless
      Ken L YBIR

    • I’m glad that you recognize that playing online is back tracking. Even playing completely free game until payday is the escape I crave. I learned this the hard way. Keep coming back for support