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    Hi…. I haven’t been on too much lately for various reasons… but I wanted to say that as well as painting as a method of utilizing time when I might be tempted to gamble… I decided I needed more interaction with others my age… I’m 77 and dealing with the fact my husband has Alzheimer’s and has been in hospital waiting for LTC (which will likely not come because of backlog and he needs 24/7 care) This was one of the stress factors that caused me to start online gambling. In any case I joined a senior ladies group that bowls each week just for fun; not a league. I also was asked by one of the ladies if I could play bridge. Though I haven’t for many years I said okay, I’d try. All of this is just to say that if someone is struggling with trying to stop this addiction… try to find something that you can find an interest for that can help with the desire to go to that casino or online site. It truly can help… (by the way as I’m typing the size of the font is larger than normal. I had to increase it for the sake of my eyes)… Anyway take care everyone….