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    Hey, been a while.
    I love reading the messages that come through my email with scripture encouragement, when I sent msg I never done that cause you never know if offending someone somwhere.
    Anyway, in UK to can sign up with gamstop, I sone that was 5 years, didn’t really help coz only went on to use unlicensed sites overseas. Was always impossible to actually withdraw so waste for 5 years that was. It’s been bout 4 weeks for me now, n only thing that’s worked is closing down all accounts I can actually withdraw from. My passport out of date as is my driving licence so 5 years of depositing but unable to withdraw was ridiculous. Lost job in November- all gambling and booze related they come hand in hand for me. I was using a site that was confirmed and their withdraws were smooth, however, everythin I had ever withdrawn was back in next day and gone. I owe everyone I know cash, not even including my bills. These past few weeks as I’m not gambling, the little money iv had is going far, and you just feel this utter dread thought of omg why have I been wasting years of my life doing that.
    Delete from all accounts, buy Somthing with the funds you have, I can’t stand myself for what iv done. My hair down ma waist coz every time I had cash for haircut (£100- cut n colour)!id through it away) I repeat, I hate myself for what iv done over the years. Neglected myself family, work- lost job. Now I’m in shit street, but been bout 4 weeks, n worst bit is seeing yourself brought these different eyes, looking, thinking, htf did I get here. Anyways, get on board, just block yourself from everythn. It’s bizarre to me now, this little cash iv had shows how far it can go, and iv not borrowed any cash from anyone in bout 4 weeks. In debt up to my eyeballs because that joy of a habit. I’ll be 42 in July. Time to stop wasting life, energy, cash, jobs and other peoples lives. C’mon guys, get on board lol ❤️
    Jesus loves u, as do I xxx