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    Pennsylvania has skills slots games in various locations in my area now, the slots are no damn good. They need to take them out. I have no problem telling people my story. I won jackpots, well I guess they can call them jackpots but they are really just minor winnings. I won $1800, $1100, $1000, $800, $700, $500 and other amounts over the last 6 months. I then paid off some credit card debt, I only had a $500 balance on one card about a month ago, now I am up to $2800. My checking account is frozen, it is overdrafted. The only positive thing is I did make several payments on my credit card. Probably $900, $600, $400, $254 and I believe a few other small payments in the last two months. So my credit score is still pretty high. But now I have to go into credit counseling and will probably spend 3 years paying off my debt, because I took out a $1000 loan to. I am going to do all I can to pay it off without counseling. But it is most likely going to happen. I just needed to vent, I want these slots gone. They are no damn good, the benefits cannot be that important to the state. The lottery does not even want to manage the slots. A private company is managing them. I am just fed up. Plus the owners of these stores are all dickheads. They have a fucking grin on their faces.

    • The state in which I am from we have lottery machines in every bar and restaurant and also any place that serves beer or wine. They are allowed to have 6. They are every where. You practically can’t go anywhere without them being there. This isn’t Nevada either. And we have casinos. Granted they aren’t every where but common enough. However, I’m with you enough is enough. While yes I can stay away but my goodness it is everywhere. They have tv ads for them even. I feel like they need to pull back a little. I can’t go more than 20 ft without seeing a lottery sign. They limit the tobacco advertising due to the highly addictive nature and health effects that it has. Well so does gambling. Just look st all the lives it ruins. Financially, mentally, emotionally.

      • tomv replied 8 months ago

        You know I am going to contact my state rep and tell him what happened. I take responsibility for it but the benefits cannot be that great. I think the casinos are enough. I have two of them within 20 miles. I had a problem and about a year ago I got on the exclusion list. I took responsibility for my actions. The casino is called parx, they kept me waiting almost an hour though. I was escorted to a back office. Told to wait, finally I got up and found a security guy. And I guess management finally got of their asses. Another thing that bothered me, I voted recently and the ballot had a referendum about buying new equipment for the firefighters in Bensalem. I voted no because they should get funding from that casino. Each year towns all around me go to the casino and they actually send proposals for funding various projects. In other words they beg for money. Plus the property tax rebates for about two or three years were decent. Then last year the check was $140.