• My partner and I are both gambling addicts. We love the slots. But i feel like this lifestyle is killing me slowly and ruining us financially. We keep going back to try and win our money back and end up putting ourselves in an even worse situation. I’m ready to put and end to it and have even tried to stop but as soon as my partner mentions it, or…[Read more]

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    Has anyone found that they can stop going to the casino without attending GA? I attended a meeting a few months ago and it felt so wrong for some reason. Hard to explain but I felt so uncomfortable and out of place. Is that a normal reaction? Can I do this successfully on my own?

    • My experience has been that it is very hard to recover on our own.
      Before you write off GA completely try some more meetings and try to be open minded. In my room we offer new members the GA refund policy’.We ask the new member to give us their pain and misery attend meetings and not gamble for 90 days. And if after the 90 days they aren’t happier…[Read more]

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