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    Can we/I continue to reinforce negative associations that we have with compulsive gambling addiction? Each time thoughts of gambling come to mind spend time fully remembering the negatives; the visuals (darkness/ seeing other cg.s in action etc) smells ( smoke, staleness, stench, ) , feeling ( hopelessness,shame, guilt, desperation, anxiety, despair, defeat, etc.), physical (headache, nausea, heart problem, insomnia, mental fog, numbness, body cramps/pain, stiff neck and shoulders, blurred vision, vertigo etc.,), touch (numbness, lack of sensation, etc) sound (layers upon layers of bells and whistles, music, sirens, and the voices in your own head… so angry and confused), taste (cigarettes, old coffee, alcohol?, anything else?) *Make a list and spend considerable time reinforcing any thoughts of gambling with the negative.

    • Tara, I totally agree with this. I recently changed jobs and cashed out my retirement and now all that money is gone thanks to that horrible place. I need to focus on all the money that place has taken from me instead of thinking I can win it all back.