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    mind control

    • tara replied 1 month ago

      Your ability to reason and judge something as harmful and dangerous is hyjacked by slots ie. their intentional purpose and design. Addiction by design! Stay away.

      • angel replied 1 month ago

        That is mind control. It’s SOOOO addictive. I”ve done many things in my life and those slot machines are like the snake in Jungle Book. They hypnotize you and pull you in so far that you cannot think straight. I forgot what money even means, how much I have put in, what time it is, how long I’ve been there, my stomach doesn’t tell me I’m hungry and I muffle out the sounds of my own child crying for me to come home. It’s a darkness I’ve never come across before. More cunning, baffling and powerful then any drug I’ve consumed. Good picture. Powerful.