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    CODA is codependents anonymous. Check this out. A person can relapse from their coda work and get into unhealthy relational patterns. Yes. So what’s happened for me is that I realized that now the unhealthy relations that cause me emotions such as confusion, hurt, sadness, nervousness , anger etc. do not have to be a ‘trigger’ to another kind of relapse ie. a relapse or slip into compulsive gambling. I can instead use the coda lens and see the uncomfortable feelings and circumstances in a new way and I can seek help through coda. Sure , all the blocks and recovery resources for compulsive gamblers are of utmost importance… cg’s understand each other and the resources are specific for us cgs. But the CODA work , I see , can help turn a trigger to gamble into an opportunity to do more work in coda. For me, triggers were often relational. odaat embracing coda and help for cgs!