• smileyp posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    I read the stories on here and they all sound similar to my story. I knew I had a problem but I did not acknowledge it until I was talking to my fiance’ and I was telling him that he need to know his drinking limit because sometimes he overdo it. He replied, I know I be intoxicated but it’s like my mind says go get another one, then go get another one. It was then that something clicked and said that’s what it’s like when you’re playing the slots your mind says go get some more money out of the machine you’re going to hit, after I lose that money my mind says go get some more money you can’t possibly lose again. My problem is I have a casino that is 15 minutes away from my house. I am so far in debt that it’s insane. The crazy part is now, I’m starting to get my fiance’ in debt, this has to stop but it seems like I have no control over my gambling cravings, every red cent I get goes to the casino and even when I go in the door and win I don’t know how to walk away. I don’t like this feeling and I need for it to stop.