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    I’m here to finally admit I have an addiction to online gambling and to get the help & support I need to quit self sabotage, as I do realize that’s what it is. I know intellectually it is an addiction, I know the high is getting that next win, and I know it’s a problem which weakens my self discipline.
    To start my journey I’ve set gambling limits on all of the online sites I have access to in my state, then deactivated my accounts. If I reopen my accounts, the limits set still remain. This is the first steps of my journey to overcome my addiction. The next step begins here where I openly admit to others it’s an addiction and to get the support I need before it ruins my life. My mission is to help myself overcome this problem and to hopefully help others overcome theirs too.

    • Hi Sher, welcome! And congrats on taking the massive first step by openly talking about the impact gambling has had on you. Im 39 and i had hidden my addiction to sports betting for about 20 years. It unfortunately took a suicide attempt and ending up in the hospital to finally open up about my behavior. Id highly recommend installing Gamban app on your computer and all devices. Stay strong and im proud of you for reaching out.

      • I’m learning about Gamban from you – thank you for sharing!!!!

        • I hope it can help. I learned about it from my addictionscouncillor. I will admit after a month of it on my phone i went out and bought a tablet and hid it for 6 months. Last Saturday i came clean with my partner and family. I got rid of it and my last bet was last Saturday at 4pm. I never wouldve willingly admitted to this, EVER. This time feels different. This time i feel like im wanting to change. The people on this site are super supportive. Its nice. Stay strong.

          • Thank you Kabo for the welcome, the support and the app info.
            I responded but accidentally deleted it.
            The reply box is very small on my phone so I think I need to use my tablet.
            Anyway it breaks my heart to read about your attempt. I’m so glad you are here and have found this site and the support. No addiction is worth a life and it’s never to late to turn things around. Kudos to you for doing so!
            You got this! It definitely helps to set limits and make them as low as possible before deactivating your accounts.
            Also if you get emails from the sites, scroll down and unsubscribe. I am glad to be here, and thankful for the support. No doubt we can all do this together, one day at a time.

          • We’ve got this!!

      • Hi Sher, I see you. I decided to stop gambling and joined this community today as well! You’ve taken so many steps towards recovering. I feel you on everything you said, the high, self discipline – so I’m glad we are on this journey together. We’ve got this!

        • You’ve taken so many steps towards recovery, it’s inspiring and encouraging to read. *** sorry I can barely read what I’m typing on the phone 😂

          • Thanks Willow, I see you too! We’ve definitely got this.
            I’m glad it’s not only me who can barely read what I’m writing .😂 The reply box is so small and off to one side of my phone. Crazy! Lol

    • Hi Sher welcome
      It’s no small feat to stop gambling.
      When and if you do decide you need more too stop gambling as Kabobra
      mentioned Gamban is a good app for approximately $50 a year it blocks all of the sites plus the ads For myself and I’ve been trying too stop for a very long time. I closed my accounts as you have. I used Gamban for a week it’s free the first week. It’s amazing what didn’t work for me is I play games on skilzz for free and it blocked that also. I don’t have a problem with those games and enjoy them. Far less expensive I play the free games. So I’m not using Gamban. Closing my accounts is working for me I truly don’t want to go back. I had stopped for a couple of months had one slip that’s when I closed my accounts which was near a month ago now.
      I think because I e been trying to stop for so long it’s so much easier for me now. But there was a time where only self exclusion would work for me. I didn’t know about Gamban then because that would have worked as well if not better.
      Anyways long story short welcome. This site helps a lot. There’s some wonderful people here and KenL is consistent with his help. ❤️

      • Thank you Serenity! I agree stopping the gambling is definitely not easy but with support we’ll succeed.
        I stopped last year and stayed away for a bit but went right back. This time though I know I can do it and this is the first I openly admitted to having the addiction so it’s a major step for me.
        I also play the Skillz games but I play the practice games only.
        I’ve told myself if I have the willpower not to deposit there then I can have the willpower elsewhere too. Baby steps.
        We got this!

        • Sher good for you our journey to stop sounds similar. The skillz games offer some competitive or for me self challenging to improve fun games. I think it’s possible they could cause a problem but I don’t think like slots. I’ve played for several years and it hasn’t been a problem.
          Another day free ❤️