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    Just joined today, I really wanted to see what this community is all about. I have been thinking for years that I have a gambling problem, and I do. every online screen test that I take I can score to nearly a perfect score, pointing out that I am a compulsive gambler. I know that I have a compulsive person, but this one truly hurts. Generally, I am a very funny guy with great creative ideas. I am a good business man. But if you look at my bank accounts, you might want to kick my ass for making the same stupid mistake over and over. I can play until the cows come home. I play both tables and slots, but lately its been primarily slots. Every so often I hit something nice, but it disappears quite quickly. No self control. I’m very embarrassed and quite shocked at myself. I have built a very success business for the last 10 plus years, yet I killed my business due to gambling. Every time I get ahead in business, I kill it with gambling, forcing me to slow down the progress. I recently sold my business because I created so much bad debt, and all I wanted to do is escape the skeletons chasing me for the money. I could have gotten much more for the business but due to my pressures, I jumped at the first opportunity that I saw.