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    Here reading to get some encouragement and will to stop really tired from work and waiting for a ct scan of abdomen to see what the pain is from. That and toxic work environment makes me think I deserve to play lol always an emotion to rationalize it eh? Car accident settlement omg that’s going to be a tempting time
    Be well I’ll be back

    • Steve… so sorry to hear about you car accident.. hope you are okay. I know what you mean if you’re talking about receiving money re settlement of accident. That actually happened to me… For me it took months to get the settlement though with lawyers etc. But I would suggest if it is a large amount, so you aren’t tempted to gamble it… put a large portion into some kind of account that you leave for a period of time to accrue interest etc. I’m Canadian so we have RRSP’s etc Registered Retirement Savings …. Just think about it now before you get it…. Again.. hope nothing is serious… (For me I fractured my sternum, left ankle, had surgery re perforation and permanent damage left eye) all of this wearing seat belt too… Take care Lindy

    • Hi Steve
      I hope your cat scan goes well. Hang in there friend!