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    I am struggling with very day thinking to beat this obsession with online slots. I am losing the battle and building up debt every day. I really need help

    • Hi Nancy. Easier said than done but hang in there. Take a deep breath and think to yourself how you get the last time you lost playing online slots. Alternatively, tell yourself that will gamble in 5 minutes and see how you feel after those five minutes. If you still feel the urge, give yourself another five minutes. Leave the computer room or simply put your phone away so it’s out of sight and out of mind. Go for a walk instead, call a friend. Please do hang in there.

      • Hi Nancy, I have been addicted to gambling for 26 years and COVID is the only reason I stopped going to casinos. However, I began to gamble online during the lockdown. It didn’t provide the same thrill as walk-in casinos, but I knew that if I continued it would be equally as exciting. I removed my credit card from my phone, blocked gambling advertisers and sites on social media sites, namely Facebook. I can’t download anything and that helped me stop. I hope this helps.

    • Hi Nancy
      Glad you are reaching out. I would like to share that counseling and Gamblers Anonymous helped me get grounded in my recovery.
      Hope you will find a counselor and some GA meetings in your city / town and also in the meantime give this site a shot to see if blocking gambling sites helps.
      Take Care
      Ken L YBIR

      Description of Services
      BetBlocker is a free tool to help you control your gambling. Install it on as many devices as you like and you can block yourself from accessing over 4300 gambling websites. You can select how long you want to be blocked for.

      Please remember that once the tool is activated you cannot remove the restrictions until your selected restriction length has expired.

      BetBlocker also has a Parental Controls setting that allows you to switch the tool on and off via a password so that parents can stop their children accessing gambling services (and other sites!!)

      Website: http://betblocker.org/