• tung ying chiang posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    I signed in for game break, how do I unlist

    • Sorry not sure what game break is.

      • They call it “Game Break”. Usd to b called “Self Exclusion” which is what it really is. If someone is not a compulsive gambler they can just take their own “break”. I recently did th max, 3 years but would have done longer because I have not gabled for3 years before. BUT the first bet to a compulsive gambler is same as first drink/ drug to alcoholic or drug addict. Evntually disaster. Once you self exclude you can not go in to any casino in BC for that period (boohoo). I did it to save myself from myself. BTW i resisted max exc;usion breifly but reminded myself of the PREDATORY fees I was charged to withdraw cash from my credit card and how my mind had reservations. Only thing I can predict for sure is i can not spend one penny in a BC Casino or on PlayNow for 3 years (but hopefully longer)

      • Hi Tung
        Pretty sure you can’t unlist until the time period you choose to Game Break.