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    Just want to say hi, my last bet was 28/07/2018 my poison was fobt’s online and since I registered with gamstop I have not been able to access any gambling sites online. I cannot gamble for 5 years now and am using that time to try and discover why I wanted to gamble in the first place.

    • Good job! You are doing good! The self-exclusion is the best way for us. The reasons why we compulsively gamble are numerous! I see it no different than a cocaine addiction because it makes dopamine flow. The most important thing rather than WHY.. is NOT doing it!:) and you’re not! Its a chemical thing in the brain that makes us feel good and anyone can succumb to it. The compulsive part is my focus so when I feel urges to gamble I come here. Welcome!

      • Thanks for taking the time out to reply, I agree that the why is not as important as the not doing it but I am very logical in every aspect of my life, except when it comes to gambling, so the why is quite important for me to stay stopped.

        • One thing that I did discover in my research is that when you get your first ‘big’ win the adrenaline rush is so intense that your brain puts up a barrier to stop your brain ‘blowing a fuse’ that barrier never comes down, but by then the gambler is hooked in trying to get that same ‘rush’, like you say, very much like a drug addiction. I found that fact very interesting and helpful.