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    What do you feel each day? Each day that goes by where you walk into that building. As you leave your house in the morning to go to “work”, get your morning coffee, drive into the parking lot, lock your car doors and make your way into the building , is it the sound of slot machines singing away that draws you in, or is it the thought of hearing stacks of chips rustling on the velvet table that you sit at each and every day. When you get a big win, do you feel euphoria, a rush of excitement so big that your cheeks become rosie? What is it? Each day I ponder
    these questions in my head, what is so special about sitting around a velvet table surrounded by a dealer and other people? What makes it so special that you disregard all other duties including being my father and expectations of being a human being? I sit here each day, wondering if you feel fulfilled in life, or you are just trying to fill a void you are unknowingly missing. When the day comes where you can answer these questions for me… I will be there with open ears, open arms, and an open heart. Until then, I will sit here and patiently wait for you to realize you are not okay…

    Love your: Child