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    Hi, I have a gambling problem and I don’t know what to do to get help. I keep throwing my money away in the stockmarket and I feel miserable. It was something I was always fascinated with, and something I’m actually good at on paper. 10 years ago I started an account with 30k and then picked a few stocks. I had some losses and they freaked me out so I started day trading to try and make up the losses. (Fast forward to today, those stocks are 5x-10x higher – I’d probably be a millionaire). And then every attempt after the first was just more and more digging into a hole, 30k became 60k down, then 100k, then 200k. Now I have capital losses of about 350k. Today I lost 5k (of money I don’t have) and I just collapsed onto the floor in tears.

    • I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I just want my money back but I know that will never happen.

      • Hi Mike
        Strongly suggest you put some guards in effective to prevent you from using your money to buy stocks,
        Also find a counselor and a gamblers anonymous meeting and if the GA meeting has a pressure relief
        group ask to meet with them. Wish you well and glad you are reaching out as it takes lots of courage to do so.