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    I was doing so good , i relapsed worst then I’ve ever had I was 1k and I went down 1k not counting my winnings the other weekend I I was down 600 and left even today I was up huge and then got degenerate and lost it all and way more I was doing good I was so proud I have never been so degenerate I lost 2k tonight I’ve been saving to go to school idk what happened, I helped my friends with sports bet and they won and ever since then I’ve felt invincible cause I was up so much and now I chased and lost double I’ve let so much people down myself and my friends

    • Buggy it’s good that you were doing well.
      You had a slip. and it didn’t go well. It usually doesn’t and that’s always a hard lesson to learn.
      Brush yourself off and stick to your conviction to stop gambling.
      It’s unfortunate how quickly a person can forget why they wanted to stop in the first place.
      Get help if you can and think it’s warranted. GA meeting seek counselling what ever it is to get yourself in the place you want to be.

      • Same thing with me.. it’s 2am and I can’t stop thinking about the money I won then lost just 12 hours ago . That money would have let me pay my mortgage and now I put that plus double in. Over 2 grand.. I’m so sick I just want to throw up. You’re not alone. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay all the financial damage I’ve done. Good luck to you and praying we can stop the cycle ! 🙏

    • These comments are a good reminder of all the times, so many times I had big winnings thinking this is great i finally
      have a great “win”. Problem was I was thinking this while I still hadnt left the casino. Before the addiction progressed there were
      some times I actually left with money. Later anger and frustration why didnt I leave earlier. Wouldnt have matered, eventually would have gone back and lost.