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    I am new to this group… I have started gambling kinda a lot. I went from just scratch off tickets which would just take all my money to now I play slot machines. I play them every chance I get. I lie to be able to go play. I thought I was hiding it really good but my husband caught me yesterday sitting at the slot machines and he almost left me over it. I realize I have a major problem and need help So I’m here to gain insight on how to help myself

    • Yeah slot machines will consume you more than you will have fun at them. It takes a lot for you to notice you have a problem so I’m proud of you. Recovery is more about creating your purpose rather than letting things like gambling provide it. Having a journal dedicated to the process is very helpful because just like gambling, you’ll be able to see things. Unlike gambling though, you will be able to see through the smoking mirrors and achieve self-love.

      • Thank you for such kind words!! I’m going to get a journal and track my journey. That’s a great idea. Thank you!! I will say I’m very excited to stop gambling and get my life back

    • I too was new here 4 days ago. Slot machines were my choice too. I know how it is to hide gambling. I can imagine the guilt and shame you feel, because I feel it too. Today I was very tempted because I had high stress which is my trigger. Hang in there keep coming to at least this site. I was told to find meetings. You did the right thing by taking a step towards recovery